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Alibaba's Jack Ma to hand over chairmanship to Daniel Zhang  on his 55th birthday
Alibaba's Jack Ma to hand over chairmanship to Daniel Zhang on his 55th birthday

Jack, China's richest man will pass the baton to Daniel exactly 12 months from today ...

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Kenyans MCA turns to technology to cut down youth unemployment

"Youth unemployment is one of the biggest challenges leaders have to address in Kenya." ...

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'Understanding the blockchain' launched in Nairobi

African is ready to adopt blockchain. ...

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Microsoft partners with government of Zimbabwe to transform education sector

For Africa to gain a prominent place in the 21st century global economy, the core ingredients to its ...

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Employers have a reason to smile as new technology exposes cheats

Certificates are acquired without requiring one to step into a classroom. ...

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How Kenya Airways is using IoT, AI for predictive airplane maintenance

By the time the plane is coming back from London, Paris, or where it is, the engineer is in Nairobi ...

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Cryptocurrency integration inevitable as Nyeri embraces bitcoin

Betty's Place in Nyeri, which is accepting bitcoin (Photo courtesy) ...

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Feature: How Blockchain could curb corruption and instill trust in African governments.

Limiting the physical interaction between citizens and officials will reduce opportunities for corru ...

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US defense department to set up $1.7 billion Artificial Intelligence Centre

Advances in AI will likely change the nature of warfare and that the military needs a new approach t ...

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Genius Kenyan-made system to smarten queue and visitor management globally

say goodbye to the good old visitor registration book and usher in a smarter digital visitor log in/ ...

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Win for Kenya as taskforce gives nod to digital currencies

There is no need to print cash if we get used to digital cash. ...

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